V BTS always has the kind of hum that drives fans crazy, with the pictures taken with Jennie too?

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V’s reveal wasn’t what fans expected, but they still liked it.

V is an expert at confusing ARMYs even when he’s not trying.

BTS has released the first set of teaser photos for BTS’s comeback single ” Dynamite “. In each photo, all of the members wear new clothes (which quickly sold out) and some even revealed new hairstyles or hair colors.

V’s hair is a honey brown color that sweeps across the back of his neck with layers of feathers.

When some fans see V’s hair, they want to do their clown makeup. V’s reality is not what they expected.

For at least the past two weeks, fans have been wondering what’s hidden under V’s hat.

And they have every reason to be curious. Previously, V hid his gorgeous platinum hair under a similar hat.

What will the new color be? Pink? Green? Rainbow? Even RM told V to take off his hat.

After BTS filmed an interview for a Japanese fan cafe, ARMYs began to wonder if V was wearing a hat with a wig attached…

But the photo revealed to Dynamite ended all of their theories immediately.

The real secret keeper is RM, who surprised everyone with his bright blue hair after switching between brown and blonde for two weeks.

With BTS, you never know what will happen.