V BTS caused a storm with the concept photo of the album ‘Proof’

BTS News

On the morning of May 28, BTS’ first series of concept photos for BTS’s new anthology album Proof was released.

V (Kim Taehyung) looks powerful in a jet black suit, wearing a long fur coat with his forehead and chest exposed.

In the photo, V stands in front of a hatch surrounded by bullet holes.

V’s photo has been loved by fans and is the most commented on among personal photos on both Instagram and Facebook.

Taehyung’s stunning visuals and versatility give him the ability to grasp any concept and express it to the fullest.

Fans go crazy with V’s boss-like appearance and the positive energy he exudes in the photos.

In less than 2 hours after the photo series was released, V’s photo received more than 2 million “likes” on Instagram and became the first individual photo to achieve this feat.

Taehyung has previously expressed his desire to play the villain, and the teaser photo is a glimpse for fans of how well-suited he is to play the villain that everyone will love.