V BTS got his life threatened at Busan concert for ridiculous reasons

BTS News

ARMY is extremely angry at this unreasonable internal division reason.

ARMYs around the world are strongly condemning anonymous death threats against V BTS.

Accordingly, recently, netizens reported on a series of suspicious posts containing threatening content aimed at V on the Weverse platform. Posting a picture of a gun, this guy is going to assassinate V at the upcoming Busan concert.

One of the threats read: “This October concert is free and a great opportunity to remove Taehyung from Jikook’s life.” Another song reads, “Taehyung only has until this October concert to live. Stay away from Jungkook. He’s just a sucker for attention. No one likes Taehyung. 80% of this fandom hates him. To them he does not exist. They didn’t say it out of fear of his fans.”


Thus, it seems that this guy is an OTP, likes to ship Jungkook and Jimin, so he sees Taehyung as a threat. What a ridiculous reason!

ARMY has submitted a report to HYBE, calling for appropriate action. Before that, BTS’ Jimin also encountered many threats online, causing him to have a mental breakdown. Those who spread this information need to be caught and punished appropriately.

BTS has recently been officially announced as Busan World Expo ambassadors. They are expected to perform at the fair in mid-October. It is reported that the band is in talks about a free concert. The last time BTS performed in Korea was in March.