V BTS has an unexpected dream when he retires

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V’s retirement plan has changed slightly, showing how he sacrificed for ARMY!

In 2013, when they first debuted, BTS members were asked about their future plans. V had a pretty unique answer about retirement planning.

“I plan to retire at 40 and spend all my time with my family and wife. I want to be a cool guy who wears a beret and a jacket when he throws shrimp cakes to the pigeons.”

However, with the incredible success of BTS, V has changed a bit about his retirement.

At the 2019 concert, he had an emotional share, “For ARMYs who haven’t had a chance to see us perform live, we really want to give them a chance to see us perform. I mean, I want people to be able to see us.”


V promises ARMY that he and the members will continue to act until all ARMYs can see BTS perform in person at least once in their lives.

“So until then, we’ll try to keep going. We will continue to make music, continue to release albums, continue to hold concerts and perform,” V affirmed.

With today’s increasing success, it is unknown when V will be able to “throw shrimp cakes to pigeons”. If one day he wants to win soon, ARMY will definitely support him because he deserves all the best!