V BTS joined ARMY chat room and… got scolded

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BTS: V’s ARMY chat room adventure quickly goes awry !

Specifically, at about 3 am, when most of the world was asleep, “night owl” V entered ARMY’s chat room on KakaoTalk.

After joining the chatroom, V quickly realized he was scolded. First, the male idol was reminded that he needed to change his username to his real name. Because no one believes that he is Kim Taehyung (V’s real name).

Not only that, V was also fined for communicating in writing. In this chat, users are only allowed to chat with pictures. V apologized and did his best to follow the rules, but it was all just confusing!

To prove his identity (and avoid getting kicked out of the chatroom) V sent a voice message to the chat, even promising to post the proof on Twitter.

In the end, V left the chatroom but he promised to come back after carefully reading the fan rules to avoid future violations!