V BTS makes the costumes in ‘Season’s Greetings 2022’ sold out in all sizes

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Netizens are constantly talking about the guy’s cool looks and royal appearance.

After the pictures were released, within a few hours the R13 “Bleached Distressed Crewneck Sweater in Bleached Black” turtlenecks in all sizes on two different websites were sold out thanks to the strength of the brand. of V.



Once again, on November 2, after the 2nd series of images from BTS’s Season’s Greetings 2022 preview video was released, immediately V’s Botanical Leaves silk short-sleeved shirt of AMIRI brand that V was wearing had about 890 USD also “SOLD OUT” on 6 different websites.


It is not uncommon for V to be called “King of VIDAS” by K-Media because of the strength of his brand because the clothing and accessories that V uses are all “sold out” shortly after.


The jacket V wore in FILA x BTS’ “Create Your Winter” collection when appearing at the Grammy Awards was the first shirt in the entire collection to be sold out on Fila Korea’s official website.




Korean media constantly commented on V’s brand power:
BTS’ V continues to prove his ‘Sold Out King’ moniker by helping to sell off another item he’s worn, this time a luxury item from a Permission To Dance concert.

The expensive Casablanca “Wool Monogram Bomber Jacket Pink” sold out as soon as V wore it.

V’s huge brand power caused sales of products, from trousers to jackets, to be empty after he wore them.