V BTS once made fans go crazy when he tweeted about to show off his shower photos

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V is currently the most popular BTS member. The second youngest member of BTS is also considered one of the most handsome men in the world.

Indeed, V has a huge fan following around the globe. He is extremely stylish and always presents himself as a sweet, pleasant guy.

However, it is V’s goofy charm that makes ARMYs love him more than ever.

V is like a kid in BTS, always the center of attention for his adorable antics.

Just a year after debuting as a BTS member in 2013, V treated ARMY to a post-bath photo.

Surprisingly, it was V who tweeted on BTS’ official Twitter , “I’ll upload a picture I took after taking a shower, okay?”.

This drove BTS’s ARMY into a frenzy. But soon they found out that he was just joking.

By the fact that he shared a photo after taking a shower but a childhood photo.

Taehyung shared his cutest childhood photo. In the photo, V is wrapped in a towel.

His head is also wrapped in a shower cap. And he looks so adorable.

With V’s statement, of course many ARMYs are still eagerly waiting for V to post the picture as promised but in adulthood.