V BTS promises to post ‘hot’ photos, the results are so cute

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 V kept his promise, but this twist was still unexpected…

V BTS always has a mischievous sense of humor!

He once made ARMY laugh with a Twitter chat back in 2014.

V promised fans that he would post a photo of him coming out of the bathroom.

“I wanted to post a picture of me just taking a shower. Is that okay?” – Umm.

If it was the present time, surely the global social network would have been congested!

Looking forward to the hot photos, fans have been jostling to comment eagerly…

This is me when I heard the news!

Efforts to restrain in waiting…

…to make sure V keeps his promise.

With the word “here”, V immediately released a photo… when he was a kid, he just finished taking a bath.

Quite a trick! But this baby Taehyung is so melting!

Although not as expected, but who can be angry with this sweet face?