V BTS reveals retirement age and spends time with his wife and children

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It seems that the retirement time of the male idol said before will probably be longer than planned.

In 2013, the BTS members were asked where they imagined themselves to be in the future, and V had a rather unique answer. In his answer, V shared that he plans to retire at the age of 40.

“I will retire at 40 and spend time with my family with my wife. I want to be a stylish man wearing a beret and a jacket while throwing shrimp cakes to the pigeons.”

However, it seems that V has changed his mind about his original retirement plan.

In 2019, at the end of a concert, V shared an emotional message to ARMYs. The male idol talked about how he wishes all ARMYs would be able to witness BTS perform live, “And for those ARMYs who haven’t been able to see us perform live, we really want to show them how.” You have the opportunity to come and hear us perform. I mean, I want people to see us.”

V then promised ARMYs that he and the members would continue on the artistic path until all ARMYs get to see BTS perform at least once in their lives: “So until the time comes. When it comes, we will continue. We will continue to make music, we will continue to release albums, and we will continue to give concerts and performances.”

No matter when V plans to retire, he and the BTS members have certainly worked extremely hard to get where they are and truly deserve all the best.