V BTS scores points for using sign language to communicate with deaf ARMYs

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Famous as a BTS member who has a sincere relationship with his fans, V’s recent actions showing the assurance that no ARMY will ever feel left out reinforces the male idol’s kind personality.

BTS V recently tried his hand at being the radio DJ of the show Starry Night on September 27 and 28. During the promotional break, he spent a lot of time interacting with fans who were watching. Follow the live broadcast from outside the studio.

A recent YouTube video was posted from a club of deaf ARMYs, who were deeply moved by the idol’s integration and praised V’s correct use of sign language. during the interaction.

The BTS member made a gesture of clasping his hands and placing them right in front of his nose. It’s a sign language that means “I feel good” or “I like it”. V is also seen using expressive sign language for the act of “Hug” and other emotional expressions.

Fans couldn’t hear the idol’s voice clearly because of the soundproof glass, so BTS V expressed his feelings in sign language, and those who were familiar with it were impressed.

This is not the first time he has used sign language to communicate with fans. When BTS delivered the opening keynote for Dear Class of 2020 , V also delivered his congratulations in some sign language.

V’s sincerity and warmth is receiving a “rain” of compliments from the online community, showing that BTS’s love for ARMY is always extremely special.