V (BTS) self-proclaimed the most powerful black card in Korea, only 1000 people can own it, must meet many requirements with huge assets!

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To get this powerful black card, V (BTS) must meet many requirements, not simply “be rich”!

V (BTS) is one of the most attractive members

Recently, V posted on Twitter a picture with a puppy and a powerful black card with code 0613. It is known that only 1000 people in Korea can own this powerful black card. However, for unknown reasons, after a short time, V deleted the above tweet.

The picture was uploaded by V and then quickly deleted

According to observation, the black card that V is using is “Hyundai Black Card Edition 3”. There are quite a few types of black cards to prove the wealth today, as long as you have money, you will be able to own a black card.

However, Hyundai’s black card is different, this is known as the most difficult card to own in kimchi. Hyundai once confirmed that this card is currently used by only 0.05% of the Korean population , so the process of applying for it is not easy.

Power card Hyundai Black Card Edition 3

It is known that to become the owner of the card, users must receive the approval of card opening from 8 people, including the Vice President of Hyundai Card. The annual membership fee is 2 million KRW .


This is not the only member of BTS to reveal that he owns this powerful card. Previously, Jin and Jongkook were also discovered by netizens to have a black card from Hyundai.

Just hearing the necessary conditions to meet this black card is enough to see the “power” and wealth of BTS members.