V BTS set a date for the release of the mixtape, ARMYs can’t believe their ears

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 What did Taehyung do with songs like this? This is something ARMYs never expected.\

On Weverse, BTS V recently updated some information about his highly anticipated debut mixtape, which ARMYs call KTH1 .

Previously, V shared some excerpts on Instagram or Twitter. However, it seems that everything ARMYs have heard so far will be… not in the mixtape! When a fan asked about the song ” Travel with Me “, V’s answer made many people fall back.

“Ah haha ​​all the songs I post will not be in the mixtape. I deleted them all after I posted them. Sorry in advance, but I don’t even remember,” V replied.

In addition, when fans asked about the song he posted on Instagram with a peaceful piano sound and passionate lyrics. However, the response received was similar. V is known for deleting posts online and he seems to be doing the same with music!

“Since that post is recent… Should I look for it in the trash? I hope I haven’t emptied the trash can,” said V.

V is known for being a perfectionist. Before that, he revealed that he re-filtered the songs and almost redone the mixtape because he was not satisfied.

V directly deleted 12/15 prepared songs

Luckily, he also gave fans some good news. When an ARMY asked about the release date of the mixtape, V promised, “I’ll release it this year!”

ARMYs are cheering at this news:

– The day has finally come!

– I don’t want to pressure but I believe the mixtape will be perfect like TaeTae!

– A whole mixtape with a husky voice. Here’s the money, take it all!

– I can’t believe my ears anymore! Bringing people down the cliff and then pushing them up to the sky. But deleting all the music that is about to be released is guaranteed to be the top!

ARMYs can wait patiently for V’s mixtape because it’s definitely worth the wait!

ARMYs can wait patiently for V’s mixtape because it’s definitely worth the wait!