V BTS ‘surpassed’ Tom Holland and Christiano Ronaldo to have this ‘huge’ achievement

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V BTS’s social media influence is a “force” that needs to be taken into account. His dominance on Instagram is evident in every aspect, including the number of likes, video views, followers and popularity. This has earned V the title of “ Instagram King ”.

Taehyung has the “Highest Average Likes and Interactions in Instagram History”, surpassing Zendaya, Tom Holland and Christiano Ronaldo…who have accounts with more followers than Taehyung.

Breaking and setting records since day 1, Taehyung’s Instagram account is still a hot topic.

V is “The first and only artist in the world to have 50 posts with over 10 million likes on Instagram history ”.

V also continues to demonstrate the fastest growth in followers on the platform since Day 1 Taehyung has been the “Most Followed Kpop and Korean Account on Instagram” this week, gaining 628,513 followers. new track.

V’s account generated the biggest buzz and attracted celebrities and brands to him, cementing V’s status as one of the most influential artists.\

Peter Utz, Director of Celine, has been following Taehyung on Instagram and liking his recent posts.

“Social media king” V recently shared that he doesn’t think too much about what he posts on his account.

He shares whatever he wants and likes, and that’s what makes V all the more admirable and interesting.

With a significant new account, V already has the highest brand value.