V BTS surprised his friends when he invited him home to sleep

BTS News

V BTS has a very close friendship with Choi Woo Shik, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, and Peakboy. They are not afraid to share interesting stories about their Wooga Squad over the years.

In one such incident, Hyung Sik revealed that V invited Wooga Squad to sleep at home, surprising everyone. Accordingly, they “once went to V’s house together. He must have wanted us to hang out, so he told us all to sleep in the same room and go home the next day”.

“There was only one bed in the room so we were all shocked, but I said okay and everyone agreed. Because of his busy schedule, we hardly have the opportunity to meet. Therefore, just make an effort. He left work at 4 a.m. the next morning.”

With just a few sentences, Hyunk Sik has shown ARMY a lot of things:

– TaeTae always wants to have friends by his side. Drag the whole guild to sleep in the same room! He must be very lonely.

– Wake up to work at 4am? Don’t say Kpop is pink. It’s really blood and tears.

– It’s both cute and sad to hear. The fortune-teller said that V was very lonely. Please pay more attention to me!

V BTS is really the person of friends, ARMY, right?