V BTS’s series of sleeping but still gorgeous photos captures ARMY’s heart

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Do BTS members like to take pictures of V while sleeping because he’s so cute and handsome?

As an ARMY, everyone probably knows that V is the most sleepy person in the BTS group. The guy can sleep anytime and anywhere.

Below is a series of photos of BTS’ V while sleeping, still gorgeous, making the hearts of many ARMYs “beat”.

1. New debut period

2. V sleeps with the maknae Jungkook

3. Is the dozing male god cute?

4. When he just woke up from a good night’s sleep

5. He can sleep with makeup on, he must have worked too hard!

6. “Sleeping Beauty”

7. The male god in ARMY’s heart when sleeping

8. V looks even cuter with the eyepatch