V is the most popular in BTS and this is proof

BTS News

BTS is gearing up for their most awaited comeback by releasing concept images and teasers for the title track Yet To Come , off the Proof album .

In it, the celebrity with many records – V has proven his popularity once again when surpassing all BTS members on all teasers and on all platforms with likes, interactions and even views.

All of V’s concept photos are the most liked and commented on all the platforms that get the most interactions everywhere.

Moreover, V’s MV teaser Yet To Come is the fastest teaser to reach 2 million views, the most popular teaser video with 1 million likes, and is trending on music videos worldwide at number 9.

V has attracted enthusiastic excitement for a comeback that stands out with his strong image and aura.
What do ARMYs think about V’s popularity?