V photo of BTS 5 and 70 years old, which portrait of Jungkook ‘crush’?

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 BTS boys are no stranger to funny questions from ARMYs.

A recent “trend” is asking members to choose between having a 5 year old member or 5 portraits of each member.

In the past, when the members were asked about Jungkook, they all gave different answers.

RM picked 5 Jungkook so they can all make a beautiful tune

… Meanwhile J-Hope chose 5-year-old Jungkook, saying “Jungkook is someone who means a lot even as a person!”.

Recently, Jungkook was asked the same hilarious question about V, and didn’t hesitate to choose 5-year-old V.

Your reasoning? If there are too many portraits of V, his handsome appearance will become so dazzling that Jungkook will need to wear sunglasses.

ARMYs recently upped their game and added another unique version of the question to the list, asking Jungkook to choose between 5-year-old V and 70-year-old V.

While 70 year old V will be everyone’s favorite and talkative jazz…

… Jungkook once again chose baby V. After all, V was too cute when he was young.

You can’t argue with Jungkook’s choice after seeing the adorable photos of baby V.