‘Vogue’ reveals why ARMYs can’t help but love V BTS

BTS News

On September 22, Vogue Korea released a special article about Kim Taehyung better known by his stage name V of BTS, who will appear in the October issue as their cover model.

The article is titled: “V’s charm theory: Why we have no choice but to love V”, Vogue Korea has compiled about the male idol’s attractiveness and attraction to fans.

While K-pop idols are often asked to maintain a happy relationship with their fans, V deviates from the norm by sharing his frustrations and unpleasant experiences. He once openly said “no” to fans as a close friend.

V also sets clear boundaries with fans, calling them his “best friends” instead of cultivating the fake boyfriend-girlfriend relationship that many people do.

Also, in his 10-year long career in the K-pop industry, every professional who has worked with V has had nothing but good things to say. This is a real testament to the guy’s good character.
V has also earned the title of “Communication King” thanks to his friendliness and ability to connect with the people he meets in various fields of work.

The highlight is V’s innocent and soft-spoken personality, which is in stark contrast to the charismatic and powerful personality he exudes during his professional career.

His strong duality has become one of the most popular fan-favorite traits.

Some of V’s records are also listed in the article, including being the most searched Asian on Google, breaking the record for fastest 50 million followers on Instagram, being the first K-pop artist surpasses 10 million views on Wikipedia and has the highest advertising brand value…

Vogue also mentioned the huge demand in many different industries, from being invited to play V in the lead role to being sought after by many brands.

The magazine ended the article with a firm note, hinting at his upcoming career leap as a solo artist: “It’s time to see the debut of a new and iconic artist. V style, not V of BTS”.