What did V BTS whisper in the ear of beautiful Olivia Rodrigo at the Grammy 2022?

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V BTS finally spoke out about the stormy interaction between him and the beautiful singer Olivia Rodrigo at the 2022 Grammy Awards ceremony that took place earlier this week.

At the 64th Grammy event, one of the most attention-grabbing moments was when V leaned close to the 19-year-old beauty’s ear and whispered something, then the two laughed happily.

A series of stormy moments between V and Olivia:

Recently, on Weverse, V revealed what he said when he received a question from a fan: “Taehyung (V’s real name), what did you whisper to Rodrigo? It was a great scene”…

V replied, “Just about an important job. We know each other well. I don’t even use English when I talk to her.”

This somewhat ambiguous answer seems to make fans more curious, not knowing what the “important thing” is between the two stars, and how well they know about each other that V is so “bold”.

Fans are waiting for the next details about V and Rodrigo in the near future, expecting a work collaboration or knowing what a romantic relationship is.