What do BTS members expect from love?

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With different personalities, the wishes of the BTS members are not the same!

Recently, the BTS members took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test again to determine the personality type that best suits them. Accordingly, it also shows what they expect from their lover!



ENFPs, aka Advocates, are extroverts, intuitive, sentimental, and persuasive. They approach relationships optimistically and spend time mulling over why previous love affairs didn’t work out.
“They yearn to know and accept unconditionally everything about the other person, just as they want the other person to know and accept them unconditionally” – is the personality of the ENFP.

2. Jin and Jungkook (INTP)

INTP, Logician, is introverted, intuitive, brooding and inquiring. Their ideal partner is not only someone who can spend time together but is also thought-provoking. At first, they seem reserved, but when they are comfortable, they are extremely playful and creative.

“In a relationship, Logicians can use their ingenuity to keep things fresh, always bring unexpected things, cleverly make the other person feel special” – is the INTP personality.

3. Suga (ISTP)

ISTP, or Master Artist, has an introspective, observant, contemplative, and introspective personality. In love, they need their own space because they are very independent. There can be no compulsion in this relationship and once there is space, they will enjoy the comfort of a stable lover.

“Dating ISTP is like a tango, complex and exciting, alternating between coldness, detachment from passion, spontaneity and enjoyment” – is the ISTP personality.

4. J-Hope (INFJ)

The INFJ, or Advocate, is introverted, intuitive, perceptive, and evaluative. They value love, yearning for a deep connection. In addition, they also develop personally to strengthen their relationship.

“As a romantic, INFJs are warm, caring, honest, and insightful. They are patient in discovering their lover’s deepest needs and desires” – is the INFJ personality.

5. Jimin (ESTP)

ESTPs, or Entrepreneurs, are extroverts, observant, reflective, and prospective. Their enthusiasm and unpredictability make them interesting lovers. They are often adaptable, curious, making love burning.

“ESTP relationships never seem to get boring. Their ability to improvise creates a seemingly endless list of activities and interests, and they encourage their partners to participate” – is the personality of the ESTP.

6. V (INFP)

INFPs, or mediators, possess an introspective, intuitive, feeling, and seeking personality. They are extremely romantic with an idealistic view of love and never lower the standards of their lovers. When they fall in love, they are very devoted, passionate and loyal.

“INFPs often use compassion and insight to understand the people they care about. Based on their creativity, they make their lover feel special” – is the personality of INFPs.

Do ARMYs find these things true to their thoughts?