What do netizens say when they see BTS V’s eyelids are uneven

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Netizens expressed amazement at the handsomeness of V BTS despite the uneven eyelids.

On January 26, a netizen made a post on an online community forum with the title “V who has a double eyelid”.

In this post, the poster wrote: “I love it. TTTT He looks super stylish… It’s amazing… He’s so pretty ♡”.

This Nitizen then posted several photos showing V with one eye and one double eyelid, further enhancing his unique beauty.

Some netizens responded and commented:

“This guy is really… I guess you can be perfect even with uneven eyelids”

“W~ How proud should his mother feel every time she looks at her son? Well~ you must be thinking ‘I can’t believe this guy was born in my belly’… right? Lolll”

V looks like a doll”

“How can one look like this…? Above all, you are very natural.”

“I agree with the claim that god made you with unequal eyes because they wanted to see both monolids and double eyelids in V”

“Born with such a face must be a gift from God”

“Very perfect”

“V’s eyes are so beautiful. Totally my type.”

“How can two uneven eyelids be so beautiful?”

“I love the atmosphere that only V seems to create”

“V looks really classy”

“I have uneven eyelids like V but why am I like this…”

“He looks so sophisticated and classy”

“V is really handsome.”