What is the meaning of the cross tattoo on Jungkook BTS forearm really?

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There’s been a lot of talk around Jungkook and BTS’s “golden maknae” tattoos, and there’s another explanation behind his crossword tattoo. older brother.

One of the tattoos, which appears to be a crossword, was displayed on the screen (somewhat) more clearly in BTS’s MV ON .

Over time, fans now think they know the meaning behind this particular tattoo.

Before that, it was hard to see the tattoo clearly, with only glimpses of the elusive design.

Fans have guessed that the word standing in the design is “Instead of death” – a line from the song Stay Away by Nirvana.

Previously during a live stream in April 2018, Jungkook mentioned how much he liked this phrase.

Jungkook even insists it’s his life motto, so it makes sense for him to choose it for a tattoo.

The horizontal words in the tattoo are guessed as “Make use of all conditions and opportunities when possible” (Make or while the sun shines)

This is an idiom that urges listeners to seize the day and make the most of what you have. An appropriate phrase for the hard-working maknae.

And through multiple content releases, fans have been able to get a closer and closer look at Jungkook’s tattoos.

Fans can already see a lot of tattoos on Jungkook’s hands and arms but until he shows them all more clearly, ARMYs will no longer wonder how many and where he has them. .