What is the most terrifying incident of BTS’s career?

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After listening to the series of scary stories that BTS has encountered, many ARMYs will surely feel “hairs on the back of their necks”.

Being a K-pop idol is definitely not easy. Not only possessing outstanding talent and excellent looks, they also have to know how to cope with all kinds of situations from crying, laughing to horror…

BTS is no exception, perhaps this is the most horrifying experience BTS has ever had, it was life threatening.

In 2017, Jimin was threatened with death at a concert in California (USA). In 2018, he continued to be threatened with death by anti-fans at the group’s concert.

In a press conference, Jimin himself spoke up about this issue: “I am extremely shocked to hear another death threat. This is the second time since last year. Even so, I I’m more worried about the fans than myself.”

Jimin also expressed his trust in the management company and tried to reassure ARMY, “I won’t flinch from threats like this. There are a lot of people waiting to meet me. I don’t think everyone You shouldn’t worry because the staff always take good care of me.”

Unfortunately, also in 2018, BTS received another similar threat. This time it’s aimed at J-Hope. An anonymous account posted the following scary lines online:

“In the upcoming BTS concert, when it comes to the stage performance… Hoseok will appear on the stage and 1, 2, 3… boom. The ammo is ready. The first destination is the concert. in Seoul with the purchased ticket. If it doesn’t work, I will buy tickets to the next concert. No one loves him, let him die.”

Although the above warning seems hard to believe, fans still can’t calm down before this horrible threat and report it to Big Hit Entertainment to tighten security.