Which 3 BTS members sold HYBE stock first?

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Last year, all BTS members were given 68,385 HYBE shares when the company Initial Public Offering (IPO).

Within 10 months, the total value of shares awarded to members increased to over 201 billion KRW (approximately 170 million USD). At one point in October, HYBE’s market capitalization hit 15 trillion KRW (about 12.67 billion USD) as the share price continued to rise since its IPO.

Recently, it was revealed that some BTS members have sold some of their stocks. Specifically, according to information publicly disclosed on HYBE’s website about investor relations, Jin, RM and J-Hope are 3 members who have sold some shares.

Reportedly, the 3 members sold their shares in mid-October when the shares were trading at around 330,000 KRW (about 278 USD) per share. Jin was the biggest seller of shares, estimated to have made $4.45 million from selling 16,000 shares.

In addition, RM also sold 10,385 shares, earning about $2.89 million, while J-Hope earned $1.56 million from selling 5,601 shares.

Thus, Jin currently holds 52,385 HYBE shares, while RM has 58,000 shares and J-Hope has 62,784 shares. Members Jungkook, Suga, V and Jimin did not sell shares, so they still own 68,385 HYBE shares.
Besides, BTS is still continuing their artistic activities as a global K-pop artist when performing the concert ” Permission To Dance On Stage” in the US.