Which names of BTS are in the top 5 male idols with the most followers on Instagram?

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Which names of BTS will be at the top of the chart for the number of followers on Instagram?

Although it has been 8 years since their debut, on the afternoon of December 6, 7 BTS members officially announced their personal Instagram accounts. Up to now, BTS is the most attractive male group in Kpop and also the male idols who have a huge fan base.

Very quickly, after a short time of setting up Instagram, the members gained tens of millions of followers and within a few months all 7 members of the group quickly became the male idols with the largest number of followers on Instagram. However, which 5 names are in the top 5?

1. V – 35.9 million followers

Topping this chart is none other than the group’s visual, the most handsome man in the world – member V. Up to now, V has surpassed popular male idols like G-Gragon (BIGBANG), EXO members… and even Lee Min Ho to become the male artist with the largest number of followers in Korea.

V also owns a series of records on this social media platform such as the fastest person to reach 1 million and 10 million followers in the world (recorded by GUINNESS), in addition, the male idol is also the one who holds the most heart-warming photo. Asia, overcoming a series of huge milestones of Lisa (BLACKPINK).

2. Jungkook – 33.7 million followers

It is in BTS, V and “golden maknae” Jungkook are always put on the table by netizens to see who has the bigger fan base? Even on many forums, many people wonder if this Instagram follower rating is similar to the real popularity of the members?

And the answer is definitely yes, with a difference of more than 2 million followers, it seems that Jungkook is inferior, his Instagram only has 33.7 million followers. But the male idol’s account name also made an impression and created a trend that caused a fever on social media by subtly subtracting the two letters “jk” when inserting the entire alphabet.

3. Jimin – 30.8 million followers

3rd place on this chart is member Jimin of BTS, Jimin’s Instagram account currently has 30.8 million followers. Although he has only posted a small number of 7 posts on this social network, the number of followers of the male idol is also terrible.

He also surpassed other famous names in the old chart, Jackson (GOT 7) and Cha Eun Woo (ASTRO) to achieve this position

4. J-Hope – 30.3 million followers

As the member with the highest number of posts in the group, J-Hope currently has more than 66 posts and an extremely talented profile picture. Besides, he also regularly posts photos and stories on his personal Instagram.

With the number of differences not too large, I wonder if J-Hope can surpass Jimin to rise to the 3rd position of this chart?

5. Jin – 30.1 million followers

As the name ranked 5th on the chart, Jin has just surpassed 30 million followers on Instagram. Especially in the account introduction, h

Especially, the follower gap between Jin and J-Hope is still very small, I don’t know if in the near future which name will “surpass” the other.