While ‘livestreaming’, Jungkook BTS felt like he was watching a horror movie when he was called a lot by ‘sasaengs’

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Although K-pop groups may look like fictional characters, idols ensure that they maintain a close relationship with their fans by interacting with them.

Whether that interaction is through a social media platform, content or a live broadcast.

However, sometimes fans can take advantage of that and it can have a huge impact on idols.

Recently, ARMY raised concerns for BTS’ Jungkook after a live broadcast was interrupted due to calls that scared the idol.

Today (April 5), Jungkook surprised fans with a live broadcast after a few busy days for the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Jungkook showed his love for ARMY by sharing TMI about the event, singing them songs and even flirting while answering fan questions.

Unfortunately, when Jungkook was trying to enjoy his time with ARMY, something happened that terrified the idol.

The live broadcast was done in a hotel room and at one point, Jungkook received a call. But when he turned to listen, no one said anything.

Such phone calls keep happening but every time Jungkook listens, nothing comes up and the idol thinks he’s being pranked.

Even after Jungkook called the person who was calling him, the calls continued and the idol started sharing his worries about what was going on.

Not surprisingly, Jungkook shared that he doesn’t like receiving calls because the ringing starts to scare him because it sounds like something out of a horror movie.

Although some idols may shy away from saying anything, the calls became overwhelming for the youngest member of the group and Jungkook spoke to the person calling him.

“Are you watching VLive ? Who are you? Do not do that. I don’t like the ringing sound of the phone. I’m upset and it’s scary. I get goosebumps,” Jungkook said.

He even held out his phone and emphasized the severity of what was happening and why it was so scary, adding that the phone was cracked and the calls seemed like a “horror movie”. weird”.

Finally, an employee showed up and took the phone out of Jungkook’s room after they confirmed that the calls weren’t from anyone important.

As the broadcast ended, ARMY took to social media to share their worries about what happened.

They trended the phrases “Leave me alone” and “sasaeng” on Twitter.

For many, they are concerned that a sasaeng might find out where Jungkook is and decide to call him to confirm it.

Others pointed out that Jungkook is just trying to be nice and talk to his fans, but someone is making the idol uncomfortable, proving the fact that they are definitely not true fans of the group. .

Many idols have become more open about people calling during live broadcasts in recent months.

Idols like ATEEZ’s Wooyoung and NCT’s Taeyong have shared their views on sasaeng calling during broadcasts, and netizens have applauded them for their honesty in highlighting the issue.