Wooga Squad Prove To Be BTS V’s Biggest Fans During Latest “In The SOOP: Friendcation”

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You can’t have better friends than that!

Recently, it seems as if the Wooga Squad has gained even more popularity after the start of the reality series In The SOOP: Friendcation. BTS‘s V, Peakboy, Park Hyung Sik, Park Seo Joon, and Choi Woo Shik have always been friendship goals, but this series has cemented that.

“In The SOOP: Friendcation” poster | Disney+

In particular, the members have never stopped sharing their love for their youngest member BTS’s V. Throughout the series, they have praised the idol in every way possible, and it’s melted the hearts of netizens.

The recent episode was no different. After a long day, the members all gathered by the fire and chatted about how they first met, their impressions of each other, and much more.

In particular, after V explained how handsome Park Hyung Sik is, the other members replied, “You’re handsome, V,” and “You’re handsome too.”

The members explained that V had got them all tickets to see a BTS concert. Choi Woo Shik revealed that he never felt close enough to message V one on one, but after the concert, it changed his perception of the young idol

Peakboy explained just how amazed he was by the idol. He joked that there was a moment when V flicked the camera, and he added that he gasped and his heart stopped during that moment.

I was so shocked at your concert. You did this [flicked] the camera. My heart stopped too [gasps].

— Peakboy

When V asked if there was anything else, Choi Woo Shik added, “I think that was it.” Park Seo Joon then joked that if they praise V too much, they can’t hang out with him as he added, “Here, you’re just our friend.”

Although they joked that they didn’t want to inflate V’s ego, the group then asked the moment that they thought V looked the coolest. They all seemed to have answers, but it was Peakboy who was the first one to speak up.

The artist explained that he thought V was the coolest when they were working on music with each other. According to Peakboy, when they were in the studio, V just had a way about him that seemed so cool.

When we made music together, he was really an artist. He kept mumbling while writing lyrics at our studio.

— Peakboy

It isn’t the first time the Wooga Squad has praised V. Whether it’s trusting his ideas or praising the idol’s visuals, the group has a special place in their hearts for the maknae.

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