Working together for many years, BTS “spread” these lovely things to each other

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ARMY will not be too surprised when BTS has similar actions because the group has been supporting each other since before debut to this point for more than 10 years!

When you’ve been with someone long enough, you’ll start to act like them. For BTS, especially the habits that gradually become the “symbol” of a certain member, sometimes we see it appearing in the rest of the members accidentally or sometimes intentionally. love imitation to tease each other.

1. Jin’s wind kiss style

2. The clumsy nature of leader RM

3. The unique way of taking pictures of handsome male V

4. Jimin’s signature hair-stroking habit

5. J-Hope’s “unmatched” cuteness

Suga and J-Hope’s personalities are quite opposite, one is always lively and noisy, and the other prefers quiet. However, Suga has also been “infected” with J-Hope’s cuteness and has expressed it many times!