Worthy of the top K-pop idol, Jimin BTS wins many votes

BTS News

Male idol Jimin of BTS is receiving great support from fans in all aspects.’

From actively voting for male idols in various polls. This support is evident in many voting results showing Jimin rising to the top.

Specifically, recently, Jimin ranked first in the poll for the “king” of K-pop selfie organized by the KPOPVOTE website. The male idol of BTS won the restaurant position after accumulating more than 49,000 votes, accounting for 56% of the total votes in this poll.

On another website, KDOL, Jimin also topped the February rankings with a total of 450,556,380 votes. This win extended his monthly winning streak to 19 consecutive months, something no other idol has ever achieved.

To congratulate Jimin, keywords like “JiminKdolEmperor19Months” or “SelcaKingJimin” were then widely shared by fans and ranked Top trending on Twitter.