BTS: Jungkook has been dumped by his seniors so many times

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Possessing the most handsome and talented appearance, Jungkook is always pampered by the members of BTS. However, when given the opportunity, the older members still take advantage of “dumping” Jungkook anytime, anywhere.

The most typical is every birthday of the youngest BTS member. The remaining 6 members of the group all prepared the “worst” photos of Jungkook to post on Twitter for ARMY to admire.
Here are the times when Jungkook was “understood” by his brothers.

1. Leader RM’s happy birthday photo for Jungkook in 2014

2. Suga’s happy birthday photo for Jungkook in 2014

3. Once again, Suga congratulated his maknae in a very special way

4. Jin wishes Jungkook a happy birthday: “You’re so cool”

5. RM knocks Jungkook down while doing his hair on his birthday in 2019

6. Jungkook’s 23rd birthday became so memorable when J-Hope uploaded this photo