#Jin’s sudden departure to LA creates a fuss on social media

BTS News

On the morning of September 11, Jin made a surprise appearance at the Incheon Airport. It was reported that he is leaving for LA. However, it’s still unknown what his schedule is there. The rumor says Jin is filming a music video for his upcoming solo album while also doing a photo shoot for ELLE. The entire creative team of Bighit Music is in LA with him as well.

The sudden departure created a huge fuss on the Internet. The articles about the departure occupied the main page of Naver. In just a few hours, both official Dispatch live streams of Jin’s departure surpassed 400k views.

‘HAVE A SAFE FLIGHT JIN’ trended at #4 on Twitter as fans were guessing why Jin was flying to LA.

Apart from that, Jin stole everyone’s hearts with his soft, cozy look. Recently he got a perm and dyed his hair into a warm brown tone.

Because of Jin’s beautiful visuals, K-media could not help but have a competition for the most creative nickname for Jin’s appearance on 220911:

“National Treasure,” “Eyes of a Sculpture,” “Walking Statue,” “Sweet Autumn Man,” ‘Brilliant Visual,” etc.

All in all, absolutely everyone is excited to see Jin’s upcoming projects and new content from him!

the post about seokjin leaving has almost 50k views and 400+ comments all positive