Jungkook BTS’ bare face ‘out of sauce’ in ‘In The Soop 2’

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The topic of Jungkook’s visuals is attracting attention on K-pop fan community sites. Specifically, the naturally handsome appearance, attractive body, youthful and fresh aura and the charm of BTS’ youngest Jungkook in In The SOOP 2 .

Netizens’ comments:
“I think Jungkook is the most handsome guy in the world”.

“In In The SOOP 2 , Jungkook’s bare skin is so beautiful and clean. I’m really shocked every time I see it.”
“Not only Jungkook’s face but also his body is beautiful. What a masterpiece.”

“Overall, his face and body drenched in rainwater are too manly.”

“His innocent face and figure are really crazy. Just his actions, gestures and facial expressions make me go crazy. Jeon Jungkook is amazing.”

“Look at his amazing proportions and physique”

“Jungkook’s bare face makes me feel attractive and warm. It’s very different from when he’s on stage.”

“How can Jungkook’s face just getting out of bed look so good?”


Jin ‘surpassed’ every member of BTS on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs

Good news for ARMYs, Jin is the first BTS member to rank 5th on Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart.

Yours was released by Jin on November 7 as the official soundtrack for tvN’s new drama “Jirisan” (Mystery of Jiri Mountain). This song has brought Jin many outstanding achievements and most recently on the Hot Trending Songs chart.

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