‘Saint of destruction’ RM BTS wipes out music for a whole year

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RM BTS just had the worst day of the year. On Weverse on 11/11, he shared:

“Today, I made the mistake of cleaning up my computer… So, the file I was working on, all the audio was deleted… It was heartbreaking… but I still had to pick myself up… I was almost done. which… Definitely the worst day of the year. I had to capture this moment because I was so sad.”

Those who accidentally lose their practice like RM will understand this feeling somewhat. Immediately after the sharing, many ARMYs introduced ways to recover lost data on computers in the hope that RM will find the files again.

Seeing that fans were so worried, RM immediately explained that it was just a file for a song. “Oh, I think you will be worried. It was just a song.

The other songs are lucky to have someone else keep them already. But I’ve recorded it 60 times so I don’t have the courage to redo everything… Still, I’ll let you guys hear it someday. Everyone, be careful when using cleaning software.”

However, ARMY still understands this is a huge loss:

– I once lost files due to hard drive failure. Restoring doesn’t get it all back either. I understand RM’s mood very well.

– Oh, our “saint of destruction”!

– It’s definitely a very important song for RM so only he can save it, not on other people’s devices. Really looking forward to hearing it.

Any suggestions for RM? Hope you find a way to recover music files soon!

Hope RM finds a way to recover the music file soon

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