Thanks to the ‘cosplay’ of V BTS, Japanese artists are “popular” in Korea

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 Dubbed the one who always creates “trend”, BTS’s V is an inspiration to millions with his style, fashion or look.

Recently, Asuka Kijima – Japanese model, actress, and weather broadcaster on NTV channel “ZIP”, took up a make-up challenge to transform into V on her YouTube channel and quickly became the host of the show. “hot” topic in Korea.

Fans discussed how Taehyung started creating a “trend” just by breathing. The cold handsome look of the idol makes him able to wear any style.

Even with a casual appearance at Harry Style’s recent performance, V created a “trend” on TikTok as many fanboys and tiktokers made a video of “cosplay” (an English word created by the Japanese, which is the combination of “costume” (costume) and “role-play” (incarnation)) like V.

According to @Taehyungimpact’s comment: “Taehyung set another trend on tiktok , his appearance at Harry Styles concert that went viral has now become a trend on tiktok .

Many videos have received millions of views. Taehyung has proven that he is a trendsetter.

Taehyung is known for trying out new styles, and his unique looks and fashion sense make him stand out.

Fans are always eager and curious to see his fashion and “visual”.