The male god V asked for a present for the leader of BTS on his very funny birthday

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On the occasion of his upcoming birthday, male god V wants to be given a very special gift by RM!

Currently all BTS members have personal Instagram accounts, so they can easily comment on each other’s posts.

Recently, V, J-Hope, and RM had a funny conversation on Instagram.

Specifically, when J-Hope posted a set of photos to celebrate the end of his 10-day isolation period, jealous RM commented on the post, “This is crazy.”

Because RM has just returned to Korea from the US, he has just started quarantine. “I’m so jealous,” RM added.

Then, J-Hope replied, “Namjoon, I took a cute photo in front of the gift you gave me 😢🔥”.

That’s when V “interrupted” with a reminder of his upcoming birthday (December 30). “If you also give me artwork that matches who I am on my next birthday, I will be very happy RM 👏” – V wrote.

Finally, J-Hope replied to V’s comment, “Don’t be too happy 👏”.