What kind of student is Jimin BTS during the years of sitting in school?

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Back in 2018, the story of BTS member Jimin while sitting in school became very popular on social networks.

The story was shared by a student whose previous teacher was the homeroom teacher of Jimin’s class for 3 years. The teacher often told stories about Jimin to her classmates.

According to her, the middle school Jimin attended is a school in a poor countryside, but Jimin’s love of studying is extremely good.

Jimin was at the top of his class many times and because of that, Jimin’s father originally wanted him to become a civil servant.

However, in the last year of middle school, Jimin expressed his wish to study art. His father was surprised and consulted many people, including his homeroom teacher.

The teacher believes in Jimin’s ability and says that her student is the type of person who will succeed no matter what. Therefore, thanks to the teacher, Jimin was able to convince his father.

When asked if Jimin dated when he was in school, the teacher replied, “No.” Because he told his teacher “I will marry you!”.

Because, Jimin has a special affection for the teacher, her name is also mentioned in BTS’s first full album Dark & ​​Wild (2014) in the thank you section.

However, despite not dating, Jimin is extremely popular with female students.

The teacher also shared that Jimin is a very careful and affectionate person, often talking to her about her dreams or future plans.

Therefore, Jimin’s school years are loved by many teachers.