Advice from a homeless man that BTS has kept in mind for 8 years

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When they were rookies, BTS was still figuring out what kind of person they wanted to be as an artist.

During the filming of the reality show American Hustle Life in 2014, BTS walked the streets of Los Angeles (USA) with their mentors, distributing food to the less fortunate and homeless. .

While receiving his meal, a homeless man gave the BTS members advice that the group still remembers to this day.

“Be true to yourself. Be true to yourself,” said the homeless man.

“Be yourself, you know, don’t be like some other group.”

“Be yourself, from the bottom of your heart”.

“From what’s in you”.

“Why do you want to be an artist, what attracted you to art, so stay that way.”

“Be true to what attracts you and you will be successful in whatever you do.”

“Never lose who you are”.

“Know who you are”.

“Be true to your heart”.

For 8 years, BTS is still BTS, the members have worked hard for sincerity and honesty. They have inspired millions and made music history without changing or forgetting who they really are.

All of that is proven through BTS’ artistic journey!