All BTS members asked to postpone their enlistment, is there a ‘save’ table?

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BTS’ group activities will continue until next year, when recently, all the members submitted requests to postpone their enlistment.

Recently, according to media reports, all seven BTS members have asked to postpone their military enlistment.

Previously, the National Assembly of Korea approved a decision for individuals in the field of culture and popular artists who contribute to improving the status and national dignity to postpone enlistment.

This amendment allows BTS to postpone enlistment until the age of 30 because they received the Hwagwan Order of Culture in 2018. Most Korean men must enlist before the age of 28.

However, on the morning of November 25, a representative of the Ministry of National Defense told the National Assembly that the extension of the exemption needs further consideration for various reasons such as a decrease in human resources and public consensus.

As such, Congress failed to reach consensus on extending the popular culture artist’s immunity act. However, it is not all hope for BTS. The Defense Committee plans to continue the discussion by collecting public comments in the future.

According to current regulations, BTS’ eldest brother Jin will be forced to enlist in the army in December 2022 at the latest.

Netizens are commenting hotly on this issue:

– It would be ironic if BTS didn’t enlist when their fandom is called ARMY (army).

– BTS says they always say they want to join the army when their service calls for it. So why are they simultaneously asking for a postponement of the service?

– What is the difference between being a special envoy and enlisting in the army?

– This is clearly unfair. BTS has brought much more pride and economy to the country than most Olympic medalists and classical artists. So why aren’t they exempt? Where is the fairness?

– What a dilemma for Korea. In the state of military decline, BTS can be a great example to attract enlistment. But the boys are on the way to bring glory to the country. Is it possible to join the army and work part-time at the same time?

Free or not, what do you think?