ARMY cried out for the price of BTS designed goods, Jin himself was stunned

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Many ARMYs feel like they are being sucked blood by HYBE. It has a reputation as a gift for ARMY, but they have to spend an unbelievable amount of money.

BTS has just released their first artist-made products. On January 1, 2022, it was Jin’s products, including two versions of pajamas and a designer pillow. Products of other members will continue to be released in the next two weeks. However, ARMY has never been upset with the product price.
The pajamas are sold for 119,000 won  regardless of version.

The pillow costs 69,000 won

Unless made of special materials like silk or come from a designer brand, pajamas in Korea usually don’t cost that much. Well-known brands like Muji in Korea also only sell pajamas for 50,000 won while small brands are only about 30,000 won or less. Therefore, the price offered by HYBE can be said to be exorbitant.

If the other members’ items are priced like this, it’s not that I don’t want to buy them, it’s that I can’t buy them…

– I don’t know what to say anymore. Simply do not buy.

– HYBE doesn’t know the market price. Their prices are 3 times more expensive!

– Pajamas are one thing but the pillow… If you go to a supermarket, that pillow type is only about 20,000 won. We know what the BE album is like, but this stuff is way too expensive.

– I feel like HYBE is taking advantage of BTS. The boys love ARMY so much, they can’t make money from their fans like this! This is the end. Excessive!

Indeed, BTS was also surprised by this. Jin has been very active in promoting the product when posting pajamas with the caption: “Put a price”.

J-Hope also seemed to think it would be cheap when he replied “four dollars”.

When reading ARMY’s complaint about the price, Jin replied, “I asked them to use good materials for pajamas. But that price… I was surprised too.”

After Jin’s honest sharing, fans rushed to support, calling for affordable prices, and stopping taking advantage of fans. HYBE has not yet responded to both ARMY and Jin.