Before becoming famous, Jungkook BTS used to “listen” to fans very smoothly

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Contrary to his shy personality and little communication on social networks like now, the youngest BTS member once made a lucky ARMY “lose his heart” with a super sweet response.

With their current popularity, the boys can receive millions of tweets from ARMY, but getting a reply from BTS seems unthinkable.

BTS has nearly 90 million Twitter followers on both the members’ personal accounts and the group’s official accounts. But in 2013, the 7 boys’ social media presence was not so flamboyant. When BTS first became active on Twitter in 2012, the members used the social network to communicate directly with the group’s friends and fans.

Sometimes they leave funny replies.

(Translation: You have a strange charm to make people wait.)

The remarkable story happened in February 2013, just a few months before BTS debuted. One lucky fan posted a message with the content “Give me Jeongguk” to show how much he loves the youngest BTS member, so much so that he just wanted to “take it home”.

And this ARMY was “baby” Jungkook, who was 15 years old at that time, answered with a very emotional sentence: “Take me”.

15 years old Jungkook knew how to “listen” to fans

Although this fan later deleted his message, Jungkook’s reply is still there. And to this day, millions of ARMYs still feel jealous of that lucky fan.