BTS’s “Father Bang” becomes the richest man in Kpop: The number of shares is 80,000 billion, 6 times more than the 3 “boss” of SM, JYP and YG combined

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The man behind BTS’s success owns a huge fortune, “eating off” the presidents of other companies, making netizens stunned.

On September 30, Mnet’s TMI News program announced the ranking of the 11 celebrities who made the most money in the first half of this year. The famous character, the “fish” who earns the most money in the first half of 2021 is none other than Bang Shi Hyuk , president of HYBE Corporation. According to Korean media, the number of shares held by the “boss” of BTS is worth up to 3.9 trillion won (nearly 80,000 billion VND).

The most shocking thing is that the amount of shares Bang Shi Hyuk owns is 6 times higher than the total number of shares of the 3 Big 3 tycoons (SM’s Lee Soo Man, JYP’s Park Jin Young, YG’s Yang Hyun Suk). ) total. In second place is Lee Soo Man with a total stock value of 268 billion won (more than 5,000 billion VND), Park Jin Young is in third place with a stock value of 216.9 billion won (more than 4,000 billion won). VND) and Yang Hyun Suk ranked 4th with 122.9 billion won (nearly 2,500 billion VND).

The number of shares “father of BTS” owns is worth nearly 80,000 billion VND, nearly 6 times higher than the 3 “Big 3” presidents combined.

Lee Soo Man holds the 2nd place with more than 5,000 billion dong

JYP president ranked 3rd with more than 4,000 billion dong

Former YG President – Yang Hyun Suk is the one who earns the least among the tycoons

Accordingly, Bang Shi Hyuk ranked 9th in the ranking of owners of the most valuable stocks along with famous Korean businessmen such as Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae Yong, Kakao Chairman Kim Bum Soo and Kim Bum Soo. Honorary Chairman of Hyundai Jung Mong Gu.

Bang Shi Hyuk’s huge fortune comes from driving Big Hit Entertainment from a nearly bankrupt company into the billion-dollar empire HYBE today. BTS’s miracle has brought the group to the position of a global group, brought in huge revenue and turned a whole new page in the company’s history.

The success of BTS revived Big Hit, turning the company into the billion dollar empire it is today