‘Father faints’ before Jungkook sulks V BTS over food

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BTS: The moment when the youngest Jungkook got angry and “scratched love” V for not understanding what he meant, the hearts of many fans “melted”.

The cause of this adorable tantrum was revealed by Big Hit Music behind the scenes on episode 34 of the variety show Run BTS! .

It turned out that Jungkook was so angry because V forgot to buy him food. Before, because he wanted to lose weight, Jungkook refused the dishes offered by V, insisting that he didn’t want to eat.

However, as the youngest member of the group, Jungkook is still at the “age of eating” so even though he refuses to do so, in his heart, he really wants to eat.

Because V saw that Jungkook strongly refused, he “eaten up” alone. After that, Jungkook scolded his brother, saying, “V hyung is so impatient. Even if I say I don’t want to eat, you have to buy it anyway.”

Faced with his brother’s “sweet” sulking, V didn’t know what to do but laugh and listen to “slam” and then feed Jungkook.

The cute story of Jungkook and V mentioned above made ARMYs laugh and appreciate the close relationship between BTS members.