I didn’t expect that the male god Jin BTS would ‘defeat’ himself like this

BTS News

Since their debut, the boys of BTS have shown their humor many times to fans, especially the eldest Jin.

While many other K-pop idols always keep their image very carefully, BTS’s Jin is not afraid to make his own face “fake”.

On a recent episode of the variety show Run BTS!, the boys of BTS played a prank together. When the other members kept their faces calm and acted like “this game is normal”, Jin was extremely panicked and scared.

Although I don’t know if Jin is really scared or pretending, he still loses his image with the nickname “global handsome”.

Even the director of the show intended to blur Jin’s face in this scene, in order to preserve the handsome image that Jin had built for so long.

However, Jin was determined to disillusion ARMYs by personally announcing the moment of his face because he was scared because he shouted loudly.

And yet, Jin also cut this face to put it into the famous The Scream painting by artist Edvard Munch . After Jin shared this super funny photo on Twitter, not only BTS fans but other viewers were also very excited.

To this day, this mock photo of Jin is still used by ARMYs to comment on social networks.