I feel sorry for BTS Jin who was electrocuted and still tried to perform until the end

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 Despite having an accident on stage, BTS’s Jin still performed like nothing until the end, making ARMY extremely touched and admired.

Jin’s efforts and sense of responsibility as an “older brother” in the group shown on stage in 2016 are not well known.

Specifically, when BTS attended the Busan One Asia Festival, the group performed the new songs ” Burning Up” and ” Blood, Sweat And Tears” .

The final stage performed by BTS was reported to be completed and there were no problems. In reality, however, something went wrong.

Near the end of Blood, Sweat And Tears , when Jin had just finished his part, fireworks exploded in front of the members.

At this point, sparks flew into the headset that Jin was wearing, causing him to inevitably get an electric shock.

The unexpected incident made Jin wince, but because the performance wasn’t over yet, Jin endured and continued acting so that the other members wouldn’t be affected.

His ears were so injured that they turned red, but Jin kept the beat of the song until the end. It was only when he completed the ending pose that Jin showed his painful expression again.

Fortunately, the incident did not leave serious consequences. Jin brought fans to tears from enduring the pain to deliver a complete performance for ARMY.

Although he is always cheerful and playful with the younger siblings, Jin also shows that he is such a responsible person and a reliable brother!