Netizens Discuss That BTS Deserves A Special Military Exemption After Witnessing The Appearance Of The Group At The White House

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Over the years, BTS can be said to make the most prominent impressions on the Kpop music industry and the whole of Korea in the international arena. They captured the world’s attention with their talent, personality, and music.

Korean netizens and international fans are aware of the influence of BTS. Therefore, after the recent event, they felt that giving BTS the privilege of military service was the right thing to do.

BTS made history by becoming the first Korean artist to have a conversation with the current US President Joe Biden at the White House. There they had a brief press conference to voice their views on the issue, followed by a 35-minute discussion with President Biden in the Oval Office of the White House.

President Biden sent BTS thanks for the hate that will subside as good people like the group continue to speak out against it and share how bad the hate is.

President Biden also explained the reason for inviting BTS to the White House and shared:  “People listen to what you (BTS) say, and what you do is good for everyone. This is not because of your (artistic) talent but because of the message you communicate with people. This is the important point.”

Naturally, what BTS did and their imprint from the meeting has attracted a lot of media attention. The articles went on to praise the group for raising national prestige when they were invited to the White House before other South Korean politicians.

Reporters and many celebrities have praised BTS’ appearance and conveyed meaningful messages. And of course, the scale of the media as well as the huge number of people watching the event also shows how great the attraction of BTS is.

Besides, the group has also shown their strong influence globally beyond just being an artist. Therefore, many Korean netizens also agree that BTS must be exempt from special military enlistment.

Here are some comments in a thread on an online forum about the issue:

– BTS is a true pride of Asia with a strong global influence that spreads socially good influence beyond any music groups

– BTS went to the White House and gave a briefing in Korean, which even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea could not do

– Just give them a military exemption

– They do much more than Olympic athletes who win medals with their global influence and spreading positivity and bringing awareness on issues

– This is what raising national prestige is

– They are the real treasures

– This proves they deserve military exemption

– I’m so proud of BTS speaking against Asian hate crime in Korean

– I’m so proud, they are promoting Korea more than the cultural diplomat

– They really deserve military exemption because they’re promoting Korea more than Olympic athletes

– It’s really hard to meet the president but this is really amazing

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