RM glared at Jungkook and V who were joking around

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RM’s leadership power has been challenged many times, but basically, it’s no joke!

There are many reasons why ARMY and BTS both respect their leader RM. One of them is the ability to “handle” younger members without being aggressive or violent! BTS is known for joking around, RM makes sure they know when to get serious, especially during concerts or shows.

There’s a program going on and I suddenly want to drink water

What’s that?

Leave it later! (What smile is scarier than that?)

From V to Jungkook making a fuss asking for water

Give me no water

Fix it up

Yes i know

So glad I can finally drink water
Or like when J-Hope was giving a speech…

Suddenly, the youngest members are excited to talk

Any! Any!

What are we kidding?

That’s enough

Coldly walked over, lightly touching the shoulder

The smile suddenly stopped

I’m still watching

Yes we know
When asked a sensitive question, according to BTS, which other K-pop group will make a breakthrough in the US. J-Hope nervously looked over at RM:


BTS huh? Tell BTS.
Lose focus…

Meeting before the show…

… but suddenly wanted to tease Jungkook

Although serious, RM is also the one who encourages and takes the members out of the comfort zone. For example, when Jungkook was shy and didn’t want to speak on stage, RM encouraged the maknae. Another time, when Jimin was afraid to speak English, it was RM who cheered.

Jungkook once said, “RM is the starting point that led me to where I am today. He is a close brother from whom I can learn a lot. In addition to his looks and musical taste, he also has a very… sexy mindset. Instead of merging with his style, I think I have to find a certain potential in me by talking to him, or observing how he thinks, acts, speaks, or interacts with music.”

It can be said with confidence that BTS is what it is today thanks to RM’s great contribution!