V BTS looks like his father not only in this great look but also in this special quality

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Dad gave V his most attractive features, both in appearance and personality.

V BTS is truly the Prince of Glory, and in no small part is thanks to his father.

When V shared this old photo of his dad, it was like seeing V from another decade.

From this picture, it is clear that V inherited many of his father’s charming looks.

V also has a way of speaking that makes fans’ hearts flutter, even though he speaks in Korean, English, etc.

…French or any language!

An ARMY on Weverse asked V where he learned how to speak so seductively. “From my father” – V replied.

At that time, V and his father were drinking strawberry juice together. What an adorable father-son duo!

Of course, many ARMYs have asked to “preserve” this rare and hard-to-find gene sample!