ARMY is actively searching for a secret date with V BTS

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With just a little “trace”, ARMYs have found out the identity of the person who had a great date with V.

If there’s one thing ARMYs are all super good at, it’s detective skills! BTS always cleverly put hidden meanings and ARMY always find the answer, from the smallest events!

Recently, ARMY had to wear a detective hat again to find out the secret behind the photo V posted on Instagram.

The thing is, late last year, the BTS members opened their own Instagram accounts, which is the perfect way for ARMYs to keep up with the group while they’re on vacation. In particular, V likes the way of being a fan with selfies, videos and updates on his life.

Recently, V posted a series of lovely videos of Yeontan and cute photos. In it, there is a selfie that is sweeter than sugar and a picture of a strange hot dog with the words BTS written on it.

Most notably, it is a photo of a fancy plate in a lovely rooftop restaurant. ARMY also discovered that sitting opposite V was a person wearing a blue shirt and a white watch.

Many people will wonder who this is? V reunited with BTS members or friends? Or a girl? Thankfully, without keeping people curious for long, detective ARMY discovered it was J-Hope… from 2020!

Even without any hinting information, ARMYs quickly discovered that this outfit resembles J-Hope in a photo posted on Twitter in 2020 with the caption: “Aigoo, hello, how much have you been drinking?”

It’s really not easy to blow up the dust with ARMY! However, they wonder if this is a new or old photo. V then tacitly confirmed when he posted a photo of the subway with the caption, “How many years ago…?”

It’s clear that V is missing the members very much. In a photo of J-Hope, V even asked J-Hope out for a drink. Hope the seven will be reunited soon!