As elegant as Jin BTS, there’s a chance that ARMYs will swoon by wearing them

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Jin used to laugh and cry when he saw what the stylist prepared for him. A round of applause for the stylist, ARMY?

If ARMY is planning to do something else, pause! Although they have certainly seen the Black Swan MV , it is unlikely that everyone has noticed the scene of “global handsome” Jin “killing people” with this look.

When BTS suddenly released the MV Black Swan , ARMY was really shocked. No one has been prepared to see BTS’ mesmerizing dance moves in this Los Angeles theater!

All the members are stunningly beautiful in their “black swan” outfits, but it’s Jin who is so shocked by the see-through shirt, especially for Korean ARMYs!

In less than an hour, “Kim Seokjin in see-through shirt” immediately became a top trend in Korea…

Last time, when wearing a shirt that was half see through, Jin panicked: “I just found out. God, what is this?”

I wonder if Jin knows this time? ARMYs won’t forget when Jin wears a croptop:

Netizens, of course, once discussed:

– Offer to raise salary for this stylist!

– Then I’ll die! Keep up the good work bro!

-The other BTS members got nosebleeds wearing that but with Jin it’s on a different level! Look at that shy face!

Let’s review  BTS’s eye- catching Black Swan MV: