BTS Is Bulletproof In First Set Of “PROOF” Concept Photos

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This concept is *chef’s kiss*!

As part of BTS‘s promotions for their upcoming anthology album PROOF, the first set of “Proof” version concept photos has officially been released.

BTS’s “PROOF” Album Promotion Schedule | @BIGHIT_Music/Twitter

The members appear in front of walls marked with bullet holes with the fired bullets laying at their feet.

Appearing “bulletproof,” the members stand tall for their individual photos in front of a target that looks similar to the promotion schedule as shown above.

Rocking all black, each BTS member shows off an edgy and charismatic appearance…

…and it may remind ARMY of a more mature spin on their original edgy fashion style from 2013 combined with a modern twist of current-day BTS.

With a variety of new hair colors and styles, this concept is sure to be a fan-favorite!

Showing off their stunning visuals as they look pensively into the distance…

…nothing can bring them down!

BTS has officially become bulletproof!